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RNS: To pass infrastructure bills, Democrats need to put their faith in moral language

More than any piece of legislation in our lifetimes, two fiercely debated bills coming up now in Congress have a chance to “bring good news to the poor,” in the words Jesus…

October 7, 2021


CSPAN: Religious Leaders’ Comments to Reporters at the White House

A group of religious leaders on the Circle of Protection Steering Committee speak to reporters following a meeting at the White House to advocate for social programs and voting…

September 23, 2021


Christian leaders meet with White House to advocate for social programs, voting rights

‘Those who have benefited the most should contribute to the common good of society and invest in the most vulnerable,’ the faith leaders said in a.…

September 22, 2021


OPINION- RNS: We can’t rebuild the US until we support families

What makes a family able to work and take care of each of its members? That is the moral question that could unite many of.…

May 19, 2021